For those who believe in traversing the road less traveled – here are 4 offbeat destinations of Europe that are sure to get your heart-beating faster! While planning your vacation to Europe don’t miss out on these enchanting places, that are a little tucked away – but are truly unforgettable!

Here’s a quick photo-tour of the four countries you could visit as you venture into the other side of Europe:

1)   Austria

Austria at night

Austria is famous for its majestic palaces, architectural structures and mouthwatering, local delicacies. It also offers a perfect setting for hiking and trekking activities with the beautiful Alpine ranges as the backdrop, besides being a hot-spot for other adventure sports.

Belvedere Palace and fountains, Vienna

2)   Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the city of canals

  Amsterdam, the city of canals

Amsterdam is the city of canals and tranquil parks where you could just sit back and take in the serene sights and sounds. It is also home to several world-class museums like the Rijks museum, the Sedelijk museum and of course the famous Van Gogh museum.

Van Gogh Museum

3)   Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein from the top

Even though a small country, Liechtenstein has lot to offer. The Gutenberg Castle, the Rathausplatz, and the Cathedral of St. Florin are some of the main attractions of this country. Not to mention the scenic landscape and the old world charm of the place.

The Gutenberg Castle

4)   Germany

The Brandenburg Gate

A country of art, history, sports and music- a visit to Germany should definitely be on your itinerary. The Brandenburg Gate, the Charlottenburg Palace and Reichstag buildings are top notch tourist spots in Germany. The country is well-known for its terrain of vast forests, rivers and mountain ranges as also its modernity.


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