Hunting for a seat at the airport and can’t find one? Perhaps because someone just dumped all their duty-free shopping on one of the seats, so now you need to stand, as the bags sit! Well…

Travel Etiquettes

One of the important things that we tend to forget while traveling is etiquette. It is an integral component of the travel experience. You may be having a good time but you need to ensure that it is not at the cost of others’ inconvenience. Certain norms and etiquette need to be adhered to – over and above the fun quotient – so that you have a memorable time along with your fellow travelers. We have picked out five travel “must-follows” that everyone should be considerate of:


a)  At the airport:  The starting point of your journey and one that can set the tone for the rest of your holidays. For starters, leave the seat next to you empty for other passengers to sit. Do not keep your luggage on an empty seat. Airports are busy places, space is limited and there are numerous travelers waiting for their flight. You would not want to be standing yourself for want of a seat. Think of it that way.

b)  In-flight:   Travelers often check-in their luggage in anticipation of filled overhead bins. You would not want to be facing a similar situation either. Avoid keeping purses or backpacks or any other item that you could easily fit under your seat. This will ensure easier accessibility for you and convenience for fellow passengers. Also, check before you recline. The passenger behind you may be working on the laptop or has food items kept. Once the plane lands and gates are opened, make sure you let passengers seated ahead of you get off the flight first. This significantly reduces chaos and time lapse.

Did you know? Flights are often delayed due to last-minute luggage check-ins due to lack of overhead bin space.

c)  At the hotel:  Once you get past the flight experience and check-in to your hotel, you will realize that noise can be a huge dampener. Your stay can become extremely unpleasant if you constantly hear slamming doors, loud music/TV or even people talking loudly among themselves or on the phone. You would not want to be at the receiving end of it. It is therefore important to bear in mind that in the same way you should not be disturbing the others. Keep your volume down!

d)  At the table:  If you have been invited for a meal, make sure your table manners are in place. Follow the leads from your host(s) and take cues while ordering your food, eating, and relaxing or talking in general. If there is an urgent call that you need to take, excuse yourself from the company. Do not check messages, emails or talk on the phone when you are being spoken to or in the general presence of your host.

e)  In and around places:   It is always a good idea to research on the place that you are visiting. The culture and local customs of the place are things that you should always bear in mind in your social interactions. Things like way of addressing a person, styles of negotiation or even gift-giving practices.

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