The best aquariums in the world offer plenty to enjoy in terms of sheer volume, but also feature exciting and informative exhibits. These aquariums not only are fascinating because they offer an opportunity to learn about the world beneath the ocean, but are also atmospheric and make a visitor feel as if they have stepped into another world. Curious what the biggest aquarium in the world is? Here is a list of  best aquariums and underwater hotels on the planet.

1)  Shark Reef aquarium, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Shark Reef aquarium, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Shark Reef aquarium is the home of over 2,000 animals including the saw fish, giant rays, endangered green sea turtles, piranha, jellyfish and the rare golden crocodile. This unique exhibit gives you the chance to dive with a higher concentration of exotic sharks than you’d ever find in the wild. You can also experience the newly opened Sea Monsters Revealed, the world’s largest exhibition to uniquely preserved sea creatures. Become an Aquarist for a day and feed our stingrays, shark or turtle in our Animal Encounters program.This was shot under the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas where they have this lavish aquarium. It’s really gorgeous and dreamy under there, as you can tell. This area has all kinds of sharks and other wild-lookin’ things that were swimming all around me.

2)  Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

 The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is a large fishtank in The Dubai Mall. The world’s largest Mall the Dubai Mall is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As a  part of the Burj Khalifa complex that is 20-billion-dollar worth. It includes 1,200 shops and posses very famous The Mall’s Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre. It is developed by Oceanis Australia Group. It officially earned the Guinness World Record for the world’s “Largest Acrylic Panel”. It is the very impressive touristic place that will leave you speechless.This aquarium is hosting thousands of fish from all over the world. It also has a very rich underwater wildlife for visitors and residents to watch.Want to see sharks? You can get closer to them and there is a opportunity to pay and walk through the marvelous tunnel who leads you through the tank.

3)  Underwater Hotel, Maldives

Underwater Hotel, MaldivesUnderwater Hotel, Maldive

A futuristic-looking luxury hotel made up of spaceship-like discs that recalls Star Trek’s Enterprise is set to be built partially underwater in the Maldives.The Polish developers of the Water Discus Hotel received the green light last week by the national ministry of tourism to begin construction off the island of Kuredhivaru, where the ambitious underwater project will be built amidst delicate coral reefs in crystal clear waters. The specs are impressive: suspended up to seven meters above water on five pillars, the upper deck will house the hotel restaurant, a spa, a rooftop seawater pool and a tropical garden, as well as a helicopter landing pad.

4)  Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is located in Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Pudong District and is adjacent to the famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower. One of the largest ocean aquariums in the world, it has the world’s longest submarine viewing tunnel measuring 155-meter (about 170 yards) in length. There were zones with marine animals from all over the world.  There was a China zone, a South America zone, an Australia zone, an Africa zone, a cold water zone, a polar zone, a sea and shore zone and a deep water zone.  Here you saw many, many kinds of marine animals, some things you had never seen before.

5)  Underwater hotel, Dubai

Underwater hotel, DubaiUnderwater hotel,

Dubai’s tourism industry announced plans recently to build its first underwater hotel – adding to the Emirate’s reputation for weird and lavish projects. Costing up to $120 million, the Hydropolis hotel will lurk some 33 feet beneath the waves, and will feature 21 bedrooms, plus an underwater bar and dive centre. Guests will also be able to remote control submersible vehicles from inside the hotel, enabling them to take a remote “sea safari”!

6)  Underwater Tunnel, Jakarta

Underwater Tunnel, Jakarta

The island of Putri in “Pulau Seribu” (Thousand Islands) is about a two hour boat ride from Jakarta. It is another world out there. Putri is famous for its underwater tunnel. There are huge Trevali swimming around the enclosed area. There used to be some white tipped reef sharks swimming around, but they were let loose a few years ago.

7)  Lego-Sydney Aquarium, Sydney

Lego-Sydney Aquarium, Sydney

Sydney Aquarium is located at the Aquarium Pier in Darling Harbour, just a few minutes’ walk from the Sydney CBD. There are a mired of tanks as you pass through the weaving corridors of habitats. Each unique habitat visually enlightens the viewer of how each of these beautiful creatures lives and exists. The exhibits are broken into Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Oceans of Australia. There are Lego statues throughout the halls of the aquarium, highlighting creatures of the ocean and mans co-existence to explore the depths of the deep blue.

8)  Qingdao Underwater World, China

Qingdao Underwater World, ChinaQingdao Underwater World,

Qingdao Underwater World, located near LuXun Park, is China’s first public aquarium. Opened in 1932, the Qingdao Underwater World consists of four main areas on both sides of LaiYang Road connected by an underground passage. There is a moving platform that takes visitors through a tunnel in the aquarium itself that provides a spectacular 360 degree view. Located next to the bathing beach, a morning at the aquarium and a late afternoon at the beach make for a great summer day. Don’t miss the popular mermaid shows.

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