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    Flight-O-Home is a travel portal dedicated to offer best support with regard to online air tickets booking. In case of any disruption or inconvenience, you can refer to terms and conditions below. The sole right to make revision or correction in terms and conditions are reserved with Flight-O-Home, so we can amend terms to our discretion.


    These terms and conditions are meant to regulate, control any disrupted state and will act as conduct to solve any disordered matter. By using our site, users agree to abide by our terms and conditions too without claiming any right to change or challenge the clauses mentioned here.

    For any of your queries regarding FlightOhome’s terms and conditions you can send mail to We will do our best to assist you.

    Change in terms & conditions

    As far as variations are concerned, Flight-O-Home can bring changes in terms and conditions anytime as per need and holds power to discern clauses. The revised terms and conditions will take effect from the date when it gets published. Users are recommended to visit this page frequently to be aware of such changes.


    As a user you must be 13+ in age and be obliged to show consent for following provisions:

    • Provide true facts and complete information in all registration forms
    • Update information recorded with us from time to time to ensure accuracy, reliability, and completeness.
    • In case a website user/customer/visitor fails to provide true or complete facts to Flight-O-Home, we reserve right to suspend or terminate services being enjoyed by him/her.
    Privacy Concerns

    We are dedicated to respect and protect privacy of our website visitors/users, so the information gathered from users is kept safe at all events. To attain the same, we make sure that information is collected only to deliver best services to users and is not used or misused for any other purposes.

    Information offered by a user on his/her own is the property of Flight-O-Home and can be used by

    User Content

    The user will be responsible for all content that he/she posts, disseminates or transmits. This user content may include anything viz. text, graphics, software, music, sound, photographs, videos, messages, posts, data, information, or other materials and will be the responsibility of party with whom the user content originated. Other terms and conditions of user content are following:

    • Users shall post only to make a discussion/information useful and valuable. A user must be honest while posting any content (comment, image, update etc.) If Flight-O-home comes to know that a user is not posting in good faith, causing disruption or not following the content guidelines/terms/policies, we can bar him/her from posting.
    • By using FlightOhome’s website, you agree not to post or disseminate unlawful, obscene, harassing, offensive, racially prejudiced, harmful, hurtful, abusive and content that invades others privacy.
    • While using Flight-O-Home, you should not post or publicize third party or any other content that violates copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, or other proprietary right.
    • A user should not post worms, virus or any damaging files/code/program or similar thing that can damage/disrupt functioning of website or violates any rules/laws.
    • User should not post or spread content involving promotion, Spam or any pieces of content that falls in the category of junk, unsolicited mails etc.
    User Conduct
    • You should not pose as any person/group/community/individual/company/entity, nor misinterpret your link/association with any person/entity. You should not delete, forge or provide false information related to your mailing address, IP or any other details.
    • You should not post content without having needed rights to use/share it.
    • You should indulge in any activity related to interfering with or harming FlightOhome’s site, server or networks.
    • You should post content that intends to attack other user's reputation, privacy or prove disrespectful.
    • Users should not be a part of any activity pertaining to collection or storage of personal data of other users.
    • You should not be using our site for any activity that is against the law.
    • Don’t indulge in forwarding personal/confidential messages without the permission/consent of parties (sender, receiver) involved.
    • You should refrain from picking obscene or misinterpreted screen names.
    About travel blogs & other content submission

    The blog of FlightOhome is meant to offer best information to travelers about world travel and related updates. If you submit any information through blogs or in context of blog/website content, you must submit factual information.

    • Flight-O-Home can use information provided by you and it will not infringe intellectual property rights or any other rights of user who submitted information or any third party involved.
    • The user will be solely liable for any damage caused due to infringement of copyrights with regard to information shared/submitted by him/her.
    Ownership Rights

    FlightOhome reserves ownership rights for all content posted/placed on this site including but not restricted till information, text, images, photographs, video, graphics, as well as software programs.


    If a user is found violating/breaching our terms and conditions will allow Flight-O-Home to take action to its discretion. The actions may vary depending on case and can suspend accessibility of a user, block his/her IP, request ISP to block or take the matter to court for legal proceedings as the situation may demand.

    Entire agreement

    Our terms and conditions as well as privacy policies form complete agreement between user and Flight-O-Home that a user automatically agrees to by using our website.

    Law and jurisdiction

    We abide by law and maintain that all terms and conditions as well as privacy policies will be governed by lawful authority. In case of any dispute with user regarding any clause, the course of action will be decided as per the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.


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