Offbeat Spiritual Destinations from around the Globe

In man’s quest for meaning, since time immemorial, he has erected monuments to the Divine Being. These have often become places of learning and faith, that have stood the test of time and in fact some of these landmarks have come to represent a cultural and spiritual peak of human civilization. Today there still remain these callings from the past, a part of our spiritual heritage. These spectacles of breath-taking beauty and resilient belief leave you awe-struck and blessed, when you tread the paths to these offbeat spiritual destinations. Read More


4 Offbeat Destinations of Europe – A Photo Tour

For those who believe in traversing the road less traveled – here are 4 offbeat destinations of Europe that are sure to get your heart-beating faster! While planning your vacation to Europe don’t miss out on these enchanting places, that are a little tucked away – but are truly unforgettable!

Here’s a quick photo-tour of the four countries you could visit as you venture into the other side of Europe: Read More


Offbeat destinations in the world

There comes a time in every traveller’s life when he wonders what’s left to see of the world. After the usually similar looking cities and towns, forests and mountains, bazaars and monuments, there comes an impasse where it’s either you stay at home or discover newer destinations to explore. That is when you log on to the internet and sift through the trillions of travel articles to get to one like this where we tell you about some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. And these destinations come with the disclaimer “Completely off the beaten track. Sorry, not sorry” attached to it. Jokes aside, here is our hand-picked list of the top 5 gorgeous offbeat destinations in the world, from out heart to yours! Read More